Stock List Engines & Major Components

All Mirrlees Blackstone unless marked otherwise

2ESL16 V Genset 2.5 MW 11kV
2ESL8 Mk2 Engine 1770 BHP at 1000 RPM suitable for rebuild
1E8 Engine 540 BHP/900 RPM marine
2ESL8 Mk2 housing and base assembly
2ESL6 Mk2 housing and base assembly
1ESL6 housing and base assembly
1ESL5 Mk2 housing and base assembly and crankshaft.
2ERS8 housing and base assembly unused
1ESL16V Mk2 housing assembly low hours
4ERS6 housing and base assembly and crank
2ESL16 twin bank base and housing assembly
1ESL12 twin bank base and housing assembly
2MM2.5 reverse reduction gearbox - awaiting reconditioning
22M3 Reverse reduction gearbox - 1 unused, 1 reconditioned
1NM2.5 reverse reduction gearbox
1NM3 Gearbox casing assembly
1Pair NM 1.5 Gearboxes for handed propellers 1250 BHP
1Brush BAJS Two bearing Aternator 10.120/6 11KV 1000 RPM 50 HZ 11KV. Possible 60 Hz conversion
1Brush BJS 960/6 Two bearing Aternator 415V 1000 RPM 50 HZ 1106KV.292 hours only Possible 60 Hz conversion

Turbochargers and crankshafts and most other components available for the E. type engines.  Various Lister engines and pump sets normally available.

Many gearbox components available, including casings, clutches etc. – JM. MM. NM. 2M

All cylinder heads, connecting rods, liners and pistons stocked, new and reconditioned. 

All major castings available for all E type engines – E, ESL, Twin Bank.